5 Reasons why you should get your eye check

No, I don’t need to get my eye check. What is need to check my vision, I could see everything crystal clear?

These are the common dialogs we get to hear from people. Whom we approach to get their eyesight tested. Actually, we are living in the age of allopathy. Where we want instant results and our mind has been trained to act defensively. Means when problems arise then we go for a quick and convenient solution. But, it must not be the same in the case of your eyesight.

So, when should you get an eye check? That might be a question that arises in your mind.  Everyone is not an equivalent so it’s important to follow the recommendation your eye care provider recommends.

1. Sudden Blurry Vision or Problems Focusing

Sudden blurry vision or focus problems are often a symbol of a bigger health issue and will always be taken seriously. If the blurry vision comes and goes, or is restricted to at least one eye, you ought to schedule an exam with an optometrist or ophthalmologist as soon as possible and obtain eye check

2. Headaches

Frequent headaches are often a symbol of a vision problem. Changes in vision happen slowly and are often imperceptible to the patient initially. However, headaches are often one of the first warning signs of a change in vision. If you’re experiencing re-occurring headaches, you’ll want to think about getting your eyes checked.

3. Eye Pain or Eye Fatigue/Strain

Having some infrequent eye pain or eye strain isn’t usually an enormous problem. Everything from the quantity of sleep you going to seasonal allergies, or the cold or flu can cause temporary eye pain or fatigue. However, if you experience ongoing eye pain for quite a couple of days, or if you experience ongoing eye pain with eye movements, it’s an honest idea to urge it verified. It can sometimes be a symbol of an eye fixed infection or more serious health condition, or maybe a wake-up call that your vision has changed.

4. Sensitivity to Light

Sudden onset of sensitivity to light is often a symbol that you simply should get an eye fixed exam. Light sensitivity is often a symbol of a variety of disorders or eye diseases (as well as an eye fixed infection. ) So if you discover yourself regularly experiencing light sensitivity, get an eye fixed exam.

5. An Eye Infection

If you experience swelling of the eyelids, itchiness, redness, a pink discoloration of the whites of your eyes, and/or discharge, you’ll have an eye fixed infection. If you experience any of those symptoms, schedule an eye fixed exam immediately to possess it checked out.

If you or your family member, friend anyone is experiencing any of the above symptoms. EYE Contact Optician can help you out.