acuvue abiliti overnight therapeutic lenses

  • Orthokeratology contact lenses are the first and only FDA-approved orthokeratology contact lenses myopia management.
  • To correct various combinations of corneal shapes and refractive errors, sphere and toric designs are available.

MAY 12, 2021 – The USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized ACUVUE Abiliti long Therapeutic Lenses, in line with Johnson & Johnson Vision, a world leader in eye health and a part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices corporations. This is often the primary and sole Orthokeratology (ortho-k) lens approved by the authority to treat nearsightedness.

Xiao-Yu Song, MD, Ph.D., Global Head of Research & Development, Johnson & Johnson Vision, said, “The FDA approval of Abiliti™ Overnight marks a significant milestone in our effort to help change the direction of eye health and reshape the future of children with myopia.” “We are excited to provide comprehensive resources to parents and eye care practitioners in their care of children, beginning with Abiliti™ Overnight Therapeutic Lenses and continuing with new products and services to combat the development of myopia,” says the company.

“Nearsightedness” is the term used to describe myopia, but it is much more. It is a chronic and progressive condition that is the most dangerous to eye health in the twenty-first century. Young children under the age of 12 who become myopic are the most susceptible to developing high myopia and are at a higher risk of developing sight-threatening eye diseases later in life. Furthermore, by 2050, half of the world’s population is estimated to be myopic, with almost one billion people having high myopia.

Ortho-k lenses have been shown in clinical trials to be a safe and reliable treatment choice for myopia. To temporarily reshape the cornea, Abiliti™ Overnight ortho-k contact lenses are produced with care and fitted to match the eye based on its particular corneal form. Abiliti™ Overnight Therapeutic Lenses and Abiliti™ Overnight Therapeutic Lenses for Astigmatism will be available in two different contact lens styles.

Corneal topography, refractive error, and other measurements are related to advanced fitting software to optimize Abiliti™ Overnight contact lenses. The program is a sophisticated and user-friendly tool that precisely measures the corneal shape and guides the eye care professional through the fitting process, resulting in consistent and reliable first fit rates of approximately 90%.

“The incidence of myopia in children is rising, and as optometrists, we are on the front lines of an epidemic that could jeopardize future generations’ vision,” said Moshe Mendelson, OD, FIAO.

“For far too long, we’ve focused on increasing children’s prescriptions for glasses despite having little tools to counter the underlying condition and help reverse the alarming trend in eye health.” Abiliti™ Overnight’s FDA approval would give eye care practitioners and parents more choices for managing myopia.”

Johnson & Johnson Vision is working together to advance the next wave in science, study, and advancement to change the way to treat myopia. The company announced earlier this year the development of a first-of-its-kind myopia management guide, which includes guidelines for eye care practitioners on how to diagnose, track, and treat myopia in children.

The FDA’s approval of Abiliti Overnight comes from/ is the product of Johnson & Johnson Vision’s partnership with Menicon to develop medically helpful contact lenses for the treatment of myopia under the ACUVUE Abiliti Brand – a new brand for possible products and services to help parents and eye care (professionals or skilled people) in dealing with the development of myopia in children.

Each ANnual purchase of associate degree Abiliti™ product offers free comprehensive eye health. Take a look at a bambino I would love through Sight for teenagers – a joint program from Johnson & Johnson Vision and conjointly the not-for-profit program from the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). Sight for teenagers could also be a widely known school-based eye health initiative that brings on the LCIF and eye care suppliers to deliver comprehensive eye health services to low-income schools all over the world.

By the end of 2021, Abiliti™ Overnight contact lenses should be available in the United States. For more information, parents and eye care professionals can go to

Overnight Therapeutic Lenses by ACUVUE Abiliti

The ACUVUE Abiliti Overnight Therapeutic Lenses are the first and only Orthokeratology lenses approved for myopia management by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Over two years, the Abiliti Overnight Therapeutic Lenses for Myopia Management demonstrated minimizing the axial elongation of the eye in myopic children by 0.28mm on an average period of 2 years.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Is A Division Of Johnson & Johnson

We have a bold ambition at Johnson & Johnson Vision*, a division of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, to transform the direction of global eye health. With products and innovations that address unmet needs such as refractive error, cataracts, and dry eye. We allow eye care practitioners to build better patient outcomes throughout their lives through our operating companies. We collaborate to expand access to quality eye care in communities where it is most needed, and we are committed to helping people see better, communicate better, and live better. Visit us at, and follow us on Twitter at @JNJVision, LinkedIn at Johnson & Johnson Vision, and Facebook at @JNJVision.

**Joint Ventures of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices**

We help people live their better lives at Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies. We tackle pressing healthcare issues and take bold steps that lead to new standards of care while enhancing people’s healthcare experiences based on more than a century of experience. We are saving lives and paving the way to a better world for all, everywhere, through surgery, orthopedics, vision, and interventional solutions.

Wearers Of Contact Lenses Should Be Aware Of The Following Essential Safety Details

For the treatment of myopia, ACUVUE Abiliti Overnight Therapeutic Lenses are available only by prescription. If these contact lenses are correct for you, they will be determined by an eye care professional. Severe eye problems may occur when wearing contact lenses, but this is uncommon. Follow your eye doctor’s lens wear and repair schedule as well as lens care disinfection guidelines to prevent these symptoms. If you have an eye infection or are experiencing eye pain, frequent weeping, vision changes, redness, or other eye issues, don’t wear these contact lenses. Remove the lens and notify the eye care provider right away if either of these conditions happens.

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