Could COVID-19 be protected by wearing eyeglasses?

When an infected individual coughs, sneezes, or talks, COVID-19 is transmitted by respiratory droplets. By touching a contaminated surface and then touching their eyes, mouth, or nose, people may become infected.

What is Photophobia?

Photophobia means “fear of light.” In people diagnosed with eye problems or sight loss, light sensitivity or ‘photophobia’ is expected and it can go away easily for many people. Sensitivity to light is when the amount of light is too bright in the environment and creates discomfort.


With most students virtually starting school, extra screen time would be inevitable. And kids who go back to class face-to-face can spend more time on screens than ever before. That features a lot of oldsters wondering what would affect the vision of children?

How to Disinfect Glasses for COVID-19

Did you realize that our glasses could move infections, such as COVID-19, to our eyes, nose, and mouth? This is because infections — just like microbes — are effectively shifted from our environmental factors to our hands, and then from our hands to our glasses.
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