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Have you ever considered ordering glasses online from the comfort of your own home?

Patients can find it more convenient to buy eyeglasses online. The American Optometric Association (AOA) cautions that making a quick buy can end up costing you more time and money in the long run.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) emphasizes that eyeglasses are an investment in your wellbeing that must be custom-fitted not only to meet specific prescriptions but also to offer the highest degree of visual comfort, which an eye doctor can only determine.

“If patients don’t see an eye doctor, they risk getting the wrong prescription. And buying eyeglasses online that don’t fit properly,” Dr. Elizabeth Johnson said.

“Patients may spend more time dealing with online shopping orders and returns than they went to their local eye doctor.”

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AOA research performed in association with the Optical Laboratories Association and The Vision Council examines the drawbacks of purchasing eyeglasses online.

The report came to the following conclusion:

  • Just 154 pairs of glasses were issued out of 200 ordered online;
  •  44.8 percent had incorrect prescriptions or were unsafe;
  • 29 percent had at least one lens that did not fit the requested prescription;
  • 19 percent of adult lenses failed impact resistance testing; and
  • Twenty-five percent of children’s lenses failed impact resistance testing.

The AOA recommends getting eyeglasses from a nearby optometrist first. Still, if patients insist on buying online, the AOA advises them to do their homework before making a final decision.

“If a patient wishes to buy glasses online, it is important for him or her to be aware of the possible drawbacks,” Dr. Johnson said.

“Nearly half of all glasses purchased online had the wrong prescription. According to several reports, these glasses were made with a low safety level. That is an insufficient level of treatment and a disservice to the patient. Patients are entitled to even more.”

Until purchasing eyeglasses online, Eye Contact Optician advises patients to consider the following factors:

The Right Glasses that Fit

The fit of eyeglasses is essential. If the fit is wrong , a patient can experience discomfort such as squeezing and headaches. As well as a lot of other vision issues that can affect their eyes in the long run.


The Prescription

It’s not enough for the eyeglasses to “look perfect” on your face; the measurements must be precise as well. The pupillary distance (PD) is used to determine where each lens in your frames should have its optical core.

This measurement is needed to ensure that the eyeglasses are suitable for your vision needs.

pupillary distance

The Materials

Consumers should also think about the different lens choices available and which lens is best for their prescription and lifestyle. Lenses are made of various materials, including conventional plastic and thinner (high index), and lighter materials. The different antireflection coatings and UV treatments available. Non-glare coatings and photochromic (Transitions) lenses are also factors to consider.

What if your online purchased glasses don’t fit properly?

Say you carefully measured your pupillary distance and followed the online face shape guides to find the glasses that should fit best on you, but the specs you get aren’t what you expected.

Explain the situation to customer service or a chatbot, and then return your glasses. If the problem isn’t easily fixed, the online retailer may or may not give you a replacement pair.

You Are Unable To Physically Try On Eyeglasses.

When ordering glasses online, you’ll have to digitally put them on using a picture of your face or an app. It’s also possible that you’ll need to check your own pupillary distance.

How do you think the frames would look on your face? You’ll have to wait until they arrive to find out.

An optician will easily help you choose the best glasses for your face shape.

An optician will also assist you in determining your lens choices (bifocals or progressives?), as well as lens coatings.

Patients need the services of an optometrist to obtain the PD and ensure accurate measurements. Measuring the PD is a free service offered by Eye Contact Optician for all eyeglass purchases.

Since the measurements required for multifocal and progressive lenses are more complicated. And only be rendered correctly after the frame has been chosen and fully adjusted to your face. This calculation is usually only measured at best for eyeglasses purchased online. . Be Wary of the Buyer!

Why Choose Eye Contact Optician for Your Next Pair of Eyeglasses?

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We at Eye Contact Optician are confident in our products. We guarantee the prescription accuracy as well as the fit of your eyeglasses. We always suggest items that will improve your vision and suit your lifestyle. Only the best frames and lenses are available at our optical store.

The furnishings and displays in our fashion-forward optical shop are all sourced. This gives our amazing range of handcrafted, high-quality eyewear from around the world. Our eye care professionals will assist you and your family in finding the ideal pair of glasses.

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