To clean and care for your prescription eyeglasses, follow these 8 guidelines.

You devote a significant amount of time on locating the ideal pair of glasses. You seek out the ideal frame shape, as well as a pattern or colour that shows your personality. You patiently await the fitting of the lenses and the call informing you that your new eyeglasses are ready for pickup.
Don’t you want to do everything you can to extend the life of these glasses?

Tips To Maintain Glasses

1. Rinse

Always rinse your glasses off with water earlier than wiping or cleansing them. Even tiny debris of dirt or dust can come to a decision your lens, and in case you wipe the ones round on a dry lens, it may be abrasive.

2. Spray Carefully

Use cleaning sprays that are specifically created to wash eyeglass lenses. Never use home cleaners like soaps or any kind of liquid soap as a result of it’ll peel off the coating that’s on the lens.

spray your eyeglasses

3. Always use Micro Fibre cloth

Never dry your lenses with paper towels, tissues, or napkins.
Regardless of how soft they are to the touch, all those fabrics have a textured floor that can damage the lenses.
microfiber cloth

4. Store Properly

Store your glasses once you’re not wearing them. Continually keep your glasses in a very protecting case wrapped in microfiber cloth once you aren’t wearing them.

spectacle case

5. Place Carefully

Don’t place your glasses the other way up on a desk or counter or carry them in a pouch. This can cause scratches on them.


6. Wash Often

Washing your glasses a minimum of once a day will keep your lenses in their optimum state. The cleaner your glasses, the less your eyes have to be compelled to strain to ascertain through smudges, dirt, and dust.

Underneath lukewarm water clean the lenses to rub the dirt. This keeps protecting coating on the lenses intact.

wash eyeglasses

7. Take them off using two hands, instead of one. 

This holds the ear parts straight and aligned. When you take them off one-handed, they stretch out and become loose.

8. Don’t put your glasses on the top of your head.

This could distort the form, and there’s a larger probability of them drop-off and getting damaged.


Don’ts When Cleaning Glasses

  • DO NOT wipe your glasses with your shirttail, blouse, or other clothing, especially if the lenses are dry. Your lenses may be scratched as a result of this.
  • Wetting your lenses with saliva is not a good idea.
  • DO NOT clean your eyeglasses with household glass or surface cleaners. Ingredients in these products can harm eyeglass lenses and coatings.
  • DO NOT wipe your lenses with paper towels, napkins, tissues, or toilet paper. These can scrape or stain your lenses, as well as leaving them filthy.
  • DO NOT attempt to “buff” a scratch out of your lenses. This merely exacerbates the problem.

Cleaning Cloths And Eyeglass Cleaners

Spray eyeglass lens cleaners are available at your local drug or Optical store as well as where you buy your glasses. These are useful if you’re traveling or don’t have access to clean tap water.

If you don’t have access to running water, use plenty of the spray eyeglass cleaner to wipe your lenses of dust and other particles before wiping them dry.

If your lenses have an anti-reflective (AR) coating, ensure sure the eyeglass cleaner you purchase is compatible with AR lenses.

Before using disposable lens cleaning wipes, check for dust or debris on the lenses. Before wiping the lenses, blow any debris off to avoid scratches.

Cleaning glasses using microfiber cleaning cloths is a breeze. These cloths dry the lenses quickly and capture oils to keep them from spreading.

However, because the cloths are so excellent at trapping waste, make sure you clean them periodically. Allow the cloth to air dry after hand-washing with a lotion-free dishwashing liquid and clean water.

How to Get Rid of Scratches on Glasses

Unfortunately, scratched lenses do not have a magical solution. Once your glasses have been scratched, they cannot be repaired.

Some products are intended to make scratches appear less noticeable. The majority of these items are simply waxy compounds that quickly wear off. Depending on the position and depth of the scratches, these products produce varying results. They also frequently smear anti-reflective lenses.

Scratches can weaken the impact resistance of your eyeglass lenses, in addition to reflecting light and interfering with vision. If your lenses become scratched, replace them for better vision and safety.

When shopping for lenses, look for ones that have a scratch-resistant coating.

Cleaning Of Spectacles By A Professional

Return to where you bought your glasses if your lenses are in good shape but the nose pads or other portions of the frame have become tough to keep clean.

An ultrasonic cleaning instrument used by an eye care specialist may be able to deep-clean your glasses. They can also replace yellowed nose pads with new ones that are clear.

Glasses do not stay permanently.

All eyeglass lenses will accumulate a few scratches over time. Scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof, lenses are used in eyeglasses.

The easiest approach to maintain your glasses clean and scratch-free for as long as possible is to follow the above guidelines.

Schedule an eye test with an eye doctor near you if your lenses are badly scratched and your eyeglass prescription has expired – or if you simply want new glasses.

Wear spectacles that give UV Ray protection.

Don’t compromise your eyesight trying to find reasonably-priced Eyeglasses.

So, get your glasses from Eye Contact Optician now.

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